FACTTWIN enables automatic collection of manufacturing data from machines and personnel in real-time and processes data to identify causes for production loss, potential areas of improvement, and enables real-time monitoring of your shop floor for continuous improvement. Create reports and charts with automatic calculation of OEE, cycle time, idle time, setup time, downtime, and many more metrics.

FACTTWIN provides real-time machine monitoring dashboards with Live Screens and has Operator interface for entering downtime reasons directly at the machine.It is best suited for enterprises with multiple factories in multiple locations. It is highly flexible and easily customizable to fit your current and future data collection and analysis needs. The cloud-based solution further boosts the abilities to monitor production and access the data from anywhere.

Data Collection
Collect any kind of data from the machine, controller, sensor, and operator seamlessly through an integrated software platform
  • Connect all machines, controllers, and sensors in your shop floor across multiple locations
  • Capture status changes automatically in real-time through signals received from machines, controllers, and sensors
  • Capture the operator entry for machine status changes and categorize them accordingly
  • Integrate benchmark data to identify when the machine is running in a non-optimal condition.
Overall visibility of machines and production progress of all your plants/locations which gives you the flexibility to take prompt and timely decisions and improve overall production efficiency.
  • View the overall status of KPIs, that gets updated in real-time.
  • View overall Machines running status in real-time.
  • View the progress of production in real-time.
  • View Batch schedule insights to track delays.
  • View Downtime reasons and duration in real-time.
View Machines
Detailed view of machine utilization and reasons captured for downtime are displayed in interactive charts and tables to assist in decision making.
  • View Machine Downtime Reasons with % of total hour's available vs down.
  • Live production Status with number of parts completed vs pending
  • KPI status of all machines with the option to drill down.
  • View Critical machine parameters for predictive analysis.
  • Batch Status with detailed data and intelligence on Time to complete.
  • View batch-wise, shift-wise and current day performance of each machine. Individual machine, Drill down for trend analysis and comparisons.
View Batches
View and monitor the progress of your batches scheduled for production in real-time with details to get a complete picture of your production performance. Combined with machine analysis metrics it helps to improve on-time delivery. Drill down on reasons to know the key pain areas.
  • View the batch KPI’s data of each batch in real-time.
  • View the performance of different machines in each line of production and compare their timelines in real-time.
  • Identify bottlenecks and plan for optimizing production.
  • Monitor and track Batch cycle time.
  • View Batch production status and generate trend report.
  • Manage and configure Batch parameters.
Continuous improvement of the manufacturing process is the key to success. Our inbuilt analysis helps to identify the exact areas where improvement is needed to maximize benefit.
  • Drill down the KPI data on multiple parameters to view trends and detailed analysis.
  • Identify and fix the causes for machine downtime through inbuilt Downtime analysis.
  • Get a detailed view of Production metrics through production analysis and trend reports.
  • Optimize the usage of the machine and increase the health of machines through Machine usage analysis.
  • Get detailed insights on Wastage through wastage analysis and reduce operational expenses.
  • Run detailed analysis by Batches, operator, location machine or Line and gain valuable and detailed insights.
SPC charts
Akrivia Statistical Process Control charts help to analyze data and monitor performance to achieve high profitability & quality. Control charts are used for statistical process control to determine whether a manufacturing process or machine health is in a state of statistical control or not. They are also used with product measurements to analyze process capability and for continuous process improvement efforts.
  • I-MR
  • X Bar R charts
  • X Bar S charts
  • P chart
  • U chart
Root Cause
Deep Dive into the insights and identify the root cause of each nonconformance and fix them permanently through process improvement. The root cause identification process is the core to determine the high priority issues that need to be fixed first.
  • Five whys (or 5 whys) iterative interrogative technique is used to determine the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem. The primary goal of the technique is to determine the root cause of a defect or problem by repeating the question "Why?"
  • Fishbone – The cause-and-effect analysis helps managers to track down the reasons for imperfections, variations, defects, or failures and assists them in identifying the root cause or areas where improvements would have maximum impact.