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Harness the power of machine data, combined with cloud-based application to streamline your manufacturing process

Preferred by leading organizations globally for transforming real-time manufacturing data into actionable insights.

The Facttwin Solution

Elevate Your Manufacturing
Operations with Facttwin

Facttwin Real-Time

Streamline your manufacturing processes with live operational insights for immediate action.

Proactive Machine
Health Monitoring

Anticipate and mitigate machine issues before they escalate, ensuring uninterrupted production.

The Facttwin Distinction

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Analytics

Harness the power of machine data to jump start your factory continuous improvement efforts through Facttwin. Get Real-time visibility into machine and job performance to improve efficiency

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Integration &

Facttwin stands out with its all-in-one platform—merging data acquisition, hardware integration, real-time monitoring, advanced analytics, and predictive maintenance into one seamless experience.
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Cloud-Powered Factory Floor Visibility
Witness the digital transformation of your global plant operations into a singular, accessible cloud-based dashboard, offering a digital twin view that transcends borders and time zones.
Scalable Operational Efficiency
Scalable Operational Efficiency
Our platform is at the forefront of operational excellence, enabling real-time SPC, continuous KPI monitoring, and forward-looking analytics that drive efficiency at scale.
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Seamless Ecosystem Compatibility
With Facttwin, integrating with existing systems like SAP, MES, and SCM is streamlined, maintaining impeccable data integrity for a coherent workflow.
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Universal Machine Connectivity
Embrace unmatched connectivity with Facttwin’s capability to interface with any machine, ensuring comprehensive data insights across your entire operation.
The Facttwin Solution

Elevate Your Manufacturing
Operations with Facttwin

The Pulse of Your Production Line

Facttwin Real-Time

Experience the future of manufacturing with Facttwin's real-time monitoring. Our platform offers a live feed of your factory floor, providing the transparency and immediacy required to enhance decision-making and elevate productivity.

Prognostics Redefined

Facttwin Machine Health Monitoring

Safeguard your operations with Facttwin's machine health monitoring. We provide a predictive approach to maintenance, ensuring your machinery's longevity and reliability.

20+ Integrations

Integrating Your
Industrial Universe

Effortlessly bridge your operations with Facttwin's robust integration suite. Connect legacy systems and modern applications alike, from ABB to Oracle, ensuring data fluidity and operational cohesiveness across your enterprise.

Innovation in Action: Case Studies

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